About the author

The author enjoys writing about writing, as well as reading about writing, and especially reading his own writing about reading other writing. His dream is to read about a writer writing about reading about writing so he can write about it. He writes other things as well.

The author’s opinions about these books are his own, although he is prepared to entertain sponsorship offers and syndication deals. The author is also willing to consider 3rd party opinions, but reserves the right to mock them if he deems them incorrect.

The author writes these reviews expressly because if he didn’t he would likely forget every word with about six months. Seriously, can you remember all the details of an extremely difficult book you read ten books ago? The author is lucky if he can remember where he left his car keys.

If you would like me to review a different classic by a dead author, please let me know. I’ll get to it as soon as I finish this list.

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